The softener without salt

Finally! The NanEauDouce crossflow nanofiltration! The ultimate no salt and no chemicals required REAL household water softener.

This nanofiltration unit removes specific divalent or multivalent ions.

It will produce water that is free of harmful chemicals, complex organics and heavy metals such as lead or arsenic and/or pharmaceuticals or natural organics like staining tannins.

From 0.75 to 1.5 lpm. of Nano-filtered water is produced and stored in a 120 US gal (454 l.) tank which will be feeding your home at 55 to 58 psi up to 25 lpm through a tanks-less ¾ HP or 1 HP powerful distribution pump.

Water southing most of your domestic water needs with an odor less, taste less, stain less sparkling clean, pristine water.

TECHNICAL SHEETFew pictures of installed systems with or without pre-treatment
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