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  • The water stains the lavatory and clothes, doesn’t smell good and doesn’t taste good.

    Oxyfère to counter iron, sulfur, maganese and others

  • Hard water: Traces of limestone deposits on the faucet aerator, sinks, coffee pots and kettles.

    DoucEau (ScaleBuster): An hydrodynamic scale remover

  • Bacterial presence (microorganisms). Coliforms (Total and fecal). Enterroccoci (Fecal streptococci) A.A.H.B. Typical colonies.

    Continuous point of entry (whole house) water disinfection by ultraviolets irradiation.

  • Well with a low flot-rate recovery. Shallow well (low water supply). Well with lots of sediments (sand, clay, etc.)

    AquaInvention: Easy and economical alternative to drilling a new well, drilling an existing well again or still, hydraulic fracturing the well.

  • Chlorine odour. Bad odour (smell like a pool, earth or algae). Bad taste. Suspicious colour. Toxic sub-products from chlorination.

    PurEauMax: Purification at usage point under the sink, by ultra filtration without a water tank; saves space under the sink.

    PurEauMax: Purification at usage point for the entire household.

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